The 3 Power-Steps in Couples Counseling

Relationship Empowerment process of couples counseling and marriage therapy is built of 3 Power-Steps to create rapid and profound transformation in clients’ lives, marriage, and relationships. The 3 Power-Steps are:

Awareness – The first Power-Step used in Beverly Hills and Valencia Relationship Empowerment clinics is an evaluation that is geared toward gaining awareness and insight into the current state of the relationship or lack thereof. Here we use Clinical Psychology and  NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to understand past and present patterns, and to determine the root cause(s) of current challenges. It is during this step that we also clearly define the ultimate goal for our work as well as the evidence procedure which will show us that our work has been a total success. The Awareness Power-Step is a crucial step that identifies both the problem and the solution. The next steps rely on the information obtained during this step.

Release – The second Power-Step of psychotherapy, couples counseling, and marriage counseling utilizes NLP, Hypnosis, and Clinical Psychology to help clients let go of the baggage and clear the path toward the prosperous and nourishing intimate relationships. Here we release anger, sadness, fear, guilt, and hurt, thereby liberating ourselves to live life from a positive perspective. We further let go of past limiting decisions, and old beliefs that no longer serve us. Relationship values are reviewed and aligned to match our dream relationships.

Co-Creating – The third and final Power-Step used in Beverly Hills and Valencia clinics is designed to provide new tools and resources for building the relationships of our dreams. The primary technology employed during this phase is NLP in conjunction with hypnosis to reach our goal, present and future. During this step we create a solid, sound, and clear pictures of your ideal relationships, and transform your internal unconscious perspectives to enable the new desired reality to emerge.

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