Privacy Policy

All the information shared during your visits is both, private and confidential.  Relationship Empowerment is committed to your privacy and  information you share is strictly protected to assure it remains just between us. You can give permission for this information to be shared with a third party (for example, your physician, another family member, etc.) , and this can be discussed during our meeting.  Legal aspect of privacy is called “confidentiality.” Confidentiality is the legal recognition of the privacy within therapist-client professional relationships. Both privacy and confidentiality create safe environment for us to work together.

Relationship Empowerment is guided by the values of Integrity, Respect, and Dedication to your successful and prosperous relationships and marriage. This is the reason it is important for us to let you know there are several instances in which the therapist is legally obligated to disclose the minimum necessary private information to protect the client and/or the community. These are extreme cases and we make sure to educate our clients what are the specific cases in which the confidentiality becomes a second priority in favor of client and community safety.

Relationship Empowerment holds Integrity as it’s first and foremost value. We are committed to protecting the information of our clients. The records are maintained electronically in password protected and encrypted files to assure information security.

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