Dr. Harel Papikian, NLP, and Hypnosis

Coming from a multi-ethnic family and growing up in turbulent places all over the globe, I developed a profound interest in human psyche and the desire to understand what makes us tick. Throughout my undergraduate studies in Israel, and later, during my graduate work in USA, I explored the field of psychology in search of couples counseling and marriage counseling that work well and work fast.


I became familiar with psycho-dynamic thinking and philosophy, humanistic approach to therapy, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy. I found these to be very valuable in helping me understand the complexity of a human experience, however, neither one of the approaches offered effective, versatile and comprehensive tools to assist clients in producing rapid and profound change. This left me wondering whether there is something else – a mind technology that would work well in the age of high speed life-style; something that would allow for rapid, profound and lasting change. In my quest I came across NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis.
I became fascinated with the richness of NLP and hypnosis. Both approaches are rooted in a monumental work of many profoundly gifted and renowned psychotherapists. I have learned the tremendous effectiveness of NLP in releasing past negative emotions, limiting decisions, and trauma, as well as helping clients build prosperous present and future through acquiring new resources, strategies, and tools. Here I had found something that was effective, fast and sustainable. In other words, principles and technology based on NLP and hypnosis delivered results, rather than just “talked about it.”


My passion has always been marriage counseling and couples counseling. Intimate relationships have profound transformational power, and witnessing these transformations has always been deeply rewarding for me. I adopted the principles of hypnotherapy and the actual methodology of NLP, and modified it to fit into the framework of couples counseling and marriage counseling. Relationship Empowerment was born from the application of NLP and hypnosis in the realm of couples and marriage counseling. This is how the Beverly Hills and Valencia Relationship Empowerment clinics were born. Beverly Hills and Valencia Relationship Empowerment clinics specialize in couples counseling and marriage counseling. They are designed for couples looking to improve their current relationships, and for singles interested in bringing a rewarding intimate relationship into their experience. We are here to empower people in finding and enhancing their relationships based on love and trust.


2007 Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Florida Institute of Technology, FL
2005 Master of Sciences in Psychology, Florida Institute of Technology, FL
2000 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
2000 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

To schedule a couples counseling or a marriage counseling appointment please call (310) 713-6093 or e-mail us.


Dr. Harel Papikian
Relationship Empowerment

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