Hypnosis and NLP

Couples Counseling in Relationship Empowerment clinics is a unique and empowering experience. In our Beverly Hills and Valencia clinics we incorporate principles of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnosis, and clinical psychology to help our clients create or enhance their relationships. This advanced technology applied to couples counseling and marriage counseling showed to deliver magnificent results in time and cost effective manner. Our clients report to be surprised how rapidly and profoundly their relationships have transformed. Many report to have received more than they have hoped for! Let’s talk a bit about what NLP and hypnosis are, before we discuss how this relationship-enhancing technology is applied in our Beverly Hills and Valencia Relationship empowerment couples counseling and marriage counseling clinics:

NLP – is the study of communication and the effect our language has on our mind and therefore, in turn, our lives. Through intentional and purposeful use of language we are able to tap into the deeper layers of our consciousness, and effect sustainable and effective change that is aligned with our desires and goals. Unlike the ordinary couples counseling and marriage counseling, NLP gets to the root of the issue. NLP helps us adjust the “softwear” of our mind to help us get  the actual tangeable results in our lives, rather then just “talking about it.”

Hypnotherapy – is an approach that utilizes hypnosis and hypnotic language patterns to directly access deeper layers of consciousness and assist us in finding and developing tools and resources to achieve our success. Hypnosis taps into the Unconscious mind and through the guided suggestions we are able to use our Unconscious mind to achieve our desired results. Hypnosis helps us to get around our conscious mind, and by doing so hypnosis prevents our limiting beliefs and sef-talk from standing in our way to our full potential.

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