Occupy Wall Street and Couples Therapy

The Occupy Wall Street movement has been gaining momentum and bridging the political and cultural gaps between the people.  The nation seems to find its voice and the key statement is “Power to the People.” The Wall Street movement is a movement to restore social justice and the basic principles of democracy. The most pure and basic idea of democracy is that the government represents the people and governments decisions are executed to support the collective good of the people.

Interestingly enough, couples counseling has the same agenda of restoring the balance within the relationship or marriage, and allow each party to have a voice and a fair representation within the dyad. Each partner brings their desires, wishes and dreams into the relationships, as well as their expectations from their partner. The happiness and satisfaction of the partners within the relationship is dependent on how well their union fulfills their desires, wishes and expectations. Of course, negotiation and compromise is an important aspect of finding the golden middle, and just like the saying goes, the opposites might attract, but the similarities are the ones to stay together.

Couples counseling and marriage counseling is there to support the couple during a difficult time, provide tools to resolve the accumulated hard feelings within the relationship, and help the couple find a place of balance, where each partner has a fair share of influence, and each one is able to meet their needs as well as the needs of their mate in a best possible manner. Many times relationships and marriage is not about the maximum bliss, but the optimal balance between the joy and the challenges of togetherness.

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