Beverly Hills And Valencia Relationship Empowerment Couples Counseling And Marriage Counseling

I wonder if anyone enjoys cocktail parties, because for me somehow most of the time it feels like work. You attend an event with a mass of well-dressed strangers and pretend that you know at least some of them, attempting to actually get to know a few to make the pretending easier. I do have a tactical advantage though. It comes into play when I am asked what I do for living. My usual reply is “I am a psychologist.” The responses I get range from excited curiosity to a panic attack. My curious friends tend to ask what I specialize in and hearing that in my Beverly Hills and Valencia clinics I focus on couples counseling gets them even more interested. Those who get anxious are usually concerned with me reading their mind.


It seems that even a hundred years after Sigmund Freud we still are unsure what psychotherapist does, and how psychotherapy, couples counseling and marriage counseling work. One of the possible reasons for the mystique surrounding the field of psychotherapy and couples counseling is due to the multitude of counseling approaches. I believe clients have the right to know everything there is to know about the service they are purchasing. In the Beverly Hills and Valencia couples counseling and marriage counseling clinics I clarify the Relationship Empowerment process to my clients at the very beginning of our work together.


Relationship Empowerment process of marriage counseling and couples counseling is quite unique. It uses advanced therapeutic methodology that allows singles and couples to achieve a profound transformation in amazingly short time.  To be more specific, individual relationship help for a client who is currently single and interested in finding their desired relationship or for a client who would like to come in without their spouse, takes between 4 and 5 two-hour sessions. Couples counseling and marriage counseling is a slightly longer process and is likely to require between 7 and 9 two-hour sessions. My clients mentioned appreciating the clear and concise timeframe, and commented that they have received much more than what they came for.


Beverly Hills and Valencia Relationship Empowerment clinics use 3 Power-Steps to create rapid and profound transformation in clients’ lives and relationships. The first Power-Step is Awareness. During this step we look into the history of couples relationship, as well as individual histories of the clients. Having full and accurate information is crucial and allows us to pinpoint the root of the problem. Defining the problem also defines the path toward its resolution. During the Power-Step of Awareness we obtain relationship values of each partner. Relationship values reveal some of the forces playing out in the relationship dynamic. It is during this step that we also clearly define the ultimate goal for our work as well as the evidence procedure which will show us that our work has been a total success. The Awareness Power-Step is a crucial step that identifies both the problem and the solution. The next steps rely on the information obtained during this step.


The second Power-Step is Release.  This is where I, as a psychotherapist, take on a more active role and help clients let go of the baggage. Releasing anger, sadness, fear, guilt, and hurt liberates us to live life from a perspective of abundance and love, clearing the path toward the prosperous and nourishing relationship. We further let go of past limiting decisions we made with ourselves about ourselves and the world. These are old beliefs that no longer serve us. Letting go of limiting beliefs allows clients to look into the world and their relationship through a new pair of eyes, realizing there are many more unexplored options to have the loving and fulfilling relationships they want.


The third and last Power-Step is Co-Creating. After the release work has been done and the baggage is left behind, now we can create the loving relationship clients want to enjoy. During this step we re-evaluate and re-align relationship values to match the relationship goals clients previously defined.  We also put the relationship goals and desires of the clients in their future. This is like planting the seeds and allowing them to grow and bring the fruits of love and fun. We also strengthen the intimate bond in the couple and summarize all the wonderful work that has been completed.


For a psychologist and psychotherapist there are few things more rewarding than seen happy and smiling faces of their clients during their final psychotherapy session. Your success is always my success as well.

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